Macaron Cake

Macaron Cake

My version of the macaron cake is made of 2 layers of macaron biscuit with 2 different delicious and smooth fillings with the flavour of your choice. 

Decorated with individual macarons and small crunchy meringues, fresh raspberries, marshmallows or chocolate curls (depending of the flavours that you've picked), it definitely has the wow factor!


The Macaron Cake can be declined in different flavours:

- Chocolate & Vanilla

- Raspberry & Vanilla

- Chocolate & Coffee

- Lemon

- "Ispahan": Raspberry, Rose & Litchi 

- Raspberry & Pistachio


2 sizes:

- 18cm/7" for 6-8 people with 3 small macarons on top

- 23cm/9" for 8-12 people with 5 small macarons on top

  • Your order

    Please note that we need to get your order at least 3 days in advance
    Each cake is carefully hand-made and will look similar to the pictures but may not be totally identical. 

  • Allergen

    - Contains eggs, almonds and dairy.
    - Peanuts free.
    - Gluten free.
    Please note that our cakes are made in a kitchen that handle nuts, peanuts and other allergens.
    If you have any concern about allergens, please contact me.

  • Ingredients

    Plain macaron biscuit
    Almond powder, sugar, eggwhite, food coloring
    Chocolate macaron biscuit
    Almond powder, sugar, eggwhite, cocoa powder

    For all the other fillings, feel free to ask the list of ingredients for the flavours that you've picked.


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