Tiramisu lovers, here we go! The classic italian tiramisu... Made with real expresso (no instant coffee), mascarpone, savoiardi, free range eggs and a hint of marsala: heaven!


This dessert is sold in a glass bakeware for you to keep: more elegant to display on the table and more environnement friendly than plastic or aluminium. You will be able to re-use it as much as you wish afterwards (oven and dishwasher safe).


This cake HAS to be stored in a fridge. Please note that the eggs in the tiramisu are not cooked and that it is therefore extremely important to respect food safety rules!


The tiramisu is 23X23cm (9") and is for approx. for 6-8 people.
It can be made alcohol free on demand.

  • Your order

    Please note that we need to get your order at least 3 days in advance.

    Each cake is carefully hand-made and will look similar to the pictures but may not be totally identical. 

  • Allergens

    - Contains eggs, gluten and dairy
    - Peanuts free
    Please note that our cakes are made in a kitchen that handles nuts, peanuts and other allergens.
    This cake can be gluten free and/or nut free on demand.
    If you have any concern about allergens, please contact me.

  • Ingredients

    Mascarpone, sugar, savoiardi biscuits, eggs, marsala, coffee, cocoa powder


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